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Association of Nurses, Technicians and Midwives of the Republic of Macedonia

Association of Nurses, Technicians and Midwives of the Republic of Macedonia

    The National Association of Nurses, Medical Technicians and Midwives of Macedonia (ZMSTAM) is a national professional organization that represents the nurses, the midwives and the nursing in general, and that promotes good practices. It also contributes toward the shaping of health policies. As such, ZMSTAM is the strongest voice of the professional nursing. The organization’s headquarters is located in Skopje.

    ZMSTAM represents the interests of more than 8,000 nurses and midwives, through its network of municipal associations and specialized groups and sections. Aiming to provide highly experienced and well-educated nursing and midwifery personnel, ZMSTAM is committed to advocating for the interests of the midwives and nurses, in the best interests of the patients as well. ZMSTAM advocates for higher standards in the nursing and midwifery practice and for professional development of the nurses and midwives. Moreover, the organization encourages a positive and realistic approach toward the nursing profession by lobbying in the Parliament and in the line ministries (the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science) regarding the health-related issues that are of concern to the nurses, the midwives and the public in general.

    ZMSTAM is on the front lines of the political initiatives toward health care reforms. Among the priority issues are the adoption of the Law on Health and Midwifery Care, recognition and evaluation of the nurses and midwives’ higher education qualifications and nursing specializations within the collective agreement, in accordance with the Convention No. 149 of the International Labor Organization, introduction of mentorship in the nursing practice, valorization of the nurses with secondary education who have gained significant specialized on-job experience, expanding the role of the home visiting (patronage) nurses in terms of provision of health services in the community, and extension of their role through enabling provision of basic and primary health care services.

    Mission and Goals

    • Maintain the dignity of people as human beings,

    • Meet the universal needs of the people in their pursuit of better health and happiness, and

    • Contribute toward the health lifestyle of people.

    Responsible person:

    Velka Lukic, President of the Association